North Penn Car Wash

Why Use
North Penn Car Wash?

All car washes are not the same. There is a difference.

  • "We do fast, quality work," said Jim Coughlin, owner of North Penn Car Wash, which has been in business since 1982. "We have updated equipment, quality top-line soaps and waxes, and hand towel drying."
  • It's not just soap and water. A lot more goes into a good car wash. And we're always trying to make the experience better.
  • "We're dependable," he said. "We're open seven days a week – weather permitting. We are closed only Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day."

North Penn offers the Unlimited Car Wash Club. Membership allows you to bring in your car for a wash as often as you want.

  • "You are the envy of all your neighbors because it looks like you are driving a new car all the time," Coughlin said. "We had one guy who washed his car 28 days a month. We didn't make any money on him. But I bet all his neighbors were asking him why he always has a clean car."
  • Some people believe the rain will clean your car. No true. Sometimes it just moves around the dust.

Why wash your car?

  • Bird droppings can damage car paint. Leaves are tough on cars. And road salt is very hard on a vehicle.
  • "You paid a lot of money for your car," Coughlin said. "Why not drive a car that looks clean all the time? You know you'll feel better driving a clean car."
  • First impressions are important. Wouldn't it be nice if you showed up to an appointment in a car that sparkled and drew attention because of how nice it looked? We can help. We look forward to seeing you at North Penn Car Wash.