North Penn Car Wash

What Our Clients Say About Us

"It's by far the best car wash in the region. I moved out of Lansdale but still travel up here 30 minutes to get a good wash, they do that good of a job. Don't get ripped off by all these other amateur hour car washes that charge $30 for a rinse. Come to this place, they do it right."

- Joseph M.

"Always the best!! Highly recommend this car wash. The staff is great and it helps keep my car clean in the snowy salty winter!"

- Sarah R.

"We drove here from Minnesota and as the gentleman at the front said had every bug on our car along the way. He took his time to spray the entire front end and all the mirrors off as well as hand wash some of the harder spots before we entered the car wash. They did a great job toweling off and our SUV was good as new. Thanks for the good wash."

- Jay M.